Providing  Professional  Design,  Fabrication,  Installation,  Inspection,  Testing,  Maintenance  for  your  Fire  Sprinkler  and  Fire  Suppression  Systems  Since  1936

HIGGINS FIRE PROTECTION, INC. in Hillside, New Jersey, is the first call for all your fire protection, inspection, testing and maintenance needs. A wide range of clients including retail stores, hospitals, medical centers, emergency care faculties, parking garages, cold storage, pharmaceutical laboratories, offices, airports, aircraft hangers, manufacturing plans, stadiums, malls, colleges, universities, and schools count on us for their new mechanical fire protection system demands.

Safeguarding Your Business and Lives !

With our Fire Protection Engineers ranging from 20 to 45 years experience, rest assured you’ll be fitted with the best possible fire protection system for your individual premises. Whether our system design matches NFPA requirements or the insurance company's criteria, our engineers will provide your business the best suited system. Higgins Fire Protection Engineers have meticulous attention to detail, the skill and expertise necessary to design all different types of fire sprinkler systems, including: 

• Dry Pipe Systems
• High, Medium, and (AFFF) Low Expansion Foam Systems
• Single or Double Interlock Preaction Systems
• Fire Pump Design
• Vesda Systems


• Wet Sprinkler Systems
• Deluge Systems
• Water Storage Tank
• Standpipes

Trustworthy Expertise
Dedicated to offering unrivaled customer service at all times, our office and fire sprinkler fitters have one mission, to ease your mind  we are here for your life safety. We provide specialty services such as back flow preventer testing, antifreeze systems, flushing fire hydrants, water supply flow test, pump test, hydrostatic testing, internal inspections, Vesda systems, foam continuity test, and water delivery time inspections.

 Contact Higgins Fire Protection, Inc. in Hillside, New Jersey, for fire sprinklers and fire system maintenance at highly affordable rates.